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Just eat Eddie rockets delivery

  • 17-02-2021 6:33pm
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    Have used just eat a few times for various things and was fine . Which is to be expected, it's driving food from one place to another, not rocket science .

    But just had a delivery from Eddie rockets with a couple of things missing .

    Rang Eddie rockets and their answer is basically "nothing we can do, it's on just eat to refund it, we'll give you 2 cheese fries next time you're up"

    What the **** use is that when you order a delivery?

    They did ring back when we asked for a solution to say they've asked just eat to refund the money for the missing things (and another item to cover delivery cost) and the only option is to order the items again.
    So we can have half the meal now and another half in an hour or so.

    This seems a stupid convoluted way of operating.

    I've had things missing before from chippers and the like and they can just send it out with the driver again.

    Tbh it's turn me off using the likes of just eat . (The guy had the food in a deliveroo bag so I assume they get orders from a few of the delivery places).

    Don't really have a consumer issue beyond a warming I suppose seeing as a solution of sorts is happening.


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    Vote with your feet: either don't use either service again or go get the food yourself.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,704 ✭✭✭Xterminator

    thats a real cop-out from the restaurant. just eat cannot ensure the order is correct and present when the food is packaged. They run the platform, but the restaurant prepares the order.

    Given the choice today, you really will have to shop elsewhere. Let your friends know, and use the just eat feedback, and leave good honest review of the service you receive.
    My order was wrong, what should I do?
    Order in a bit of a pickle?

    Whatever wasn’t quite right, we’re sorry to hear that. To make sure mistakes like this don’t happen that often, your feedback is really important to us.

    Here’s what to do when your order’s not been quite right:

    Contact the restaurant. Mistakes sometimes slip under the radar – especially on busy nights. So, giving them a quick call is the best way to resolve any quibbles. You’ll find their number in your confirmation email.

    Leave a review. Here you can leave your honest feedback for the restaurant and everyone else to see. To do this, just head to your previous orders and click ‘leave a review’ next to your order.

    If you’re still not happy with how it’s all gone, get in touch with us so we can take a closer look. Make sure you have your order number handy, as this will speed things up. We’re not happy when orders are anything less than perfect. So the more feedback you give us and the restaurant, the closer we’ll get to delivering great experiences every time.

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    Some of these delivery people are fairly absent minded.

    They get 3 packages and deliver two or in some cases get two packages and deliver three.

    Because they try and combine 3/4 or more orders on a run, they can get mixed up.

    Just eat employ them, so it's their responsibility.

    Local chipper is different. Driver only does their delivery, so fault is theirs no matter where the error occurred

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    I was in a McDonalds a few months ago when they started to do the breakfast delivery with Deliver I think - the manager in that McDonalds was giving out yards to the drivers as they were there to take more than one order. He wanted them to take one order so that they food was delivered "hot" (it is McD's brekkie) but I guess the delivery guys wanna get as many orders in as possible and the the restaurant want the quality of the food to be good - conflict of interest there.
    Can see how they can be given the right food order (in a few bags/containers) but pass them onto the wrong customer.
    Agree with vote with your feet - I usually order online & get it myself, have done the Eddie's online & picked it up & was given the wrong order so now I check before leaving as for take away food, its a hell of a lot more expensive than chippers.

  • Registered Users Posts: 40,011 ✭✭✭✭ohnonotgmail

    I use just eat and uber eats from time to time. The only problems I have had were with orders from Eddie Rockets. the food is either cold or crap.

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    Had something missing from a mcdonalds uber eats order before, got extra value meals and the chips weren't delivered, only had the burgers and drinks. I was able to report missing items on the app and they just gave me a refund, fairly annoying, like they had one effin job, but sure life goes on. Was probably the restaurants fault, I've had stuff missing when going through the drive thru as well, even received burgers with only one side of the bun on more than one occassion, ffs! And I'm the sort to get hangry, probably going to Maccers too much