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Social/emotional/behavioral skills - cognition?

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    During the pandemic there was conversation about the negative ramifications of school closures.

    Home school was seen as academically reasonable as a substitute, but lacks delivery of social/emotional/behavioral skill development, for which school attendance at that age is considered imperative.

    This is interdasting and conflates with the psychological model of "thoughts - emotions - actions".

    i.e. it would appear the core framework of social skills is essentially, emotional competency, which is dictated by (according to the latter model), "thoughts".

    Therefore, learning "how to think", relative to emotional issues - at least what the pandemic has highlighted is that - this is an imperative aspect of development.


    I have also heard it contended that, "emotional intelligence" is in many respects, the overarching denominator of "cognition" - cognition being a function of neural optimization (efficient neural pathways) in many respects.

    Neural function and cognition being almost synonymous with each other in research areas and treatment of developmental disorders.


    Point being, "how to think", optimally, is not really something that psychology has as of yet, "elucidated", as it were.

    Social/emotional/behavioral skills


    predicated on thoughts.

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