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Brigading thread in ladies lounge

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    Despite being against the charter and pretty much every charter the ladies lounge seems to have special status to discuss and complain about the moderation of other forums.

    It's also clearly being used to organise and brigade with a mod post encouraging posters to keep fighting the good fight and warning men that the forum doesn't want or need their opinions.

    A lot of the posts are absolute nonsense calling anything and everything rape culture.

    Just curious why there's some special man free safe zone set up for the ladies instead of being asked to openly and fairly discuss issues in feedback like everyone else?


  • Thanks for raising this in feedback.

    The thread in the Ladies Lounge is very concerning.

    Concerning from the point of view of the considerable number of women who have experienced sexism, mysogony and have either left or do not visit certain threads due to the upsetting content.

    The original post links to a post in After Hours, which I have linked below.

    I was going to ask Mods in LL what were the next steps, given the concerns raised, so see it is raised here but I believe the concerns raised need to be fully investigated at a Senior Level.

  • Admin: this is not site Feedback but is a forum-specific issue.

    Normally, it would be moved to Help Desk, which is the appropriate place for forum-specific issues. However, the matter is currently under discussion at admin level and there is no need for the moment to have multiple threads running in parallel.

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