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Source with Irish Language Surnames and Addresses

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    I'd like to map Irish surnames in their Irish forms, for example Uí Ghríofa, on a map of Ireland. I currently map surnames for the 1901 and 1911 census at barrygriffin.com but there are not many surnames in Irish in that census. For example, this is what exists in the 1911 census for Uí Ghríofa:

    Ó Gríobhtha|Dublin|9

    Ó Gríobhtha|Galway|9

    Ó Gríobhtha|Clare|7

    Ní Gríobhtha|Clare|4

    O Gríobta|Dublin|3

    Nic Gríobhtha|Dublin|2

    Ua Gríobhtha|Galway|2

    Ní Gríobhtha|Galway|1

    Ní Gríobhtha|Limerick|1

    Ní Gríobhtha|Wicklow|1

    O' Gríobhtha|Galway|1



    Uí Griobhtha|Dublin|1

    Ó Griobhtha|Dublin|1

    Ó Gríobhtha|Waterford|1

    and no matches in the 1901 census

    Another surname associated with Griffin is Mac Niallghuis:

    Mac Niallghuis|Donegal|6

    Níc Niallghuis|Donegal|3

    Mac Níallghuis|Donegal|2

    Nic Niallghuis|Donegal|2

    Mac Niallghuis|Fermanagh|1

    And another Griffin surname:

    Ua Gríbhfín|Kerry|7

    Ní Gríbhfín|Kerry|2

    Ó Gríbhfín|Kerry|2

    bean Uí Gríbhfín|Kerry|1

    Are there any sources that would contain lots of Irish languages surnames and addresses from across Ireland, which could be used to produce a comprehensive map?

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