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Too old?

  • 02-02-2021 7:22pm
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    I'm in a dilemma,

    I'm a single female, no children.

    I'm 35 and after a few rocky bumps along the way, I'm finally beginning to make progress in my career. My career area is rife with nepotism and generally you have to know someone to get in anywhere on a temporary nevermind permanent basis.

    This is my dilemma. I am very close to getting a permanent post in my chosen field. In 2 years time, I will be eligible to be permanent. I have made really good contacts in my field and hopefully I am making a good impression on the small knit circle who all know each other and are on all the interview boards. My luck has finally started to turn and I am so grateful.

    On the other hand, my career area would allow me the opportunity to move abroad and work abroad (my particular field would still get a Visa etc. in my desired country that I would like to move to). This move is something that I have been considering for the last 4 years, however due to personal and family reasons, I didn't make the jump.

    Like so many, the pandemic has made me assess my life and when covid first arrived last March, my instant regret was not having made the jump to this country to work abroad.

    Realistically, I could be out there and set up in a few months, I would intend to stay for a few years. However, when I come back home, I would be 37-38 and have to work up a few years again to try and get permanent, I'd be out of the loop with the managers in my field and a much older prospect for hiring!

    If I stayed another 2 years, I could be permanent, hopefully take a career break and emigrate, I'd be 37 by then. However, is that too late, would I be too old?


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    I moved back to Ireland when I was 35 I think, and I often wish I was still away. My brother moved away when he was 40 and just had a kid and got married there.
    Do it, why not? I wish I had the option right now!

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    35 or 37 for that matter, isn’t too old to move abroad. It’s never too late.

    Case in point, I have a work colleague, who transferred to the US last year, to take up an equivalent position. He is a 47 year old single, childless guy. He just felt that his life in Ireland had become very stale and needed to shake things up. I actually met him last February when I was there on business. He said the move wasn’t without its difficulties and he did sometimes feel lonely, but mostly it was a highly positive experience.

    You mention that your career field is extremely narrow and rife with nepotism. If you aren’t desperately unhappy, I’d suggest holding out for another couple of years to secure tenure / permanency and then avail of the career break. Realistically, travel is off the agenda for much of 2021 and you’ll likely have secured tenure here, by the time you are ready to make the move.

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about leaving at 37. It’s still relatively young; the difference in the experience you are likely to have at 37 vs. 35 is minimal. I was actually faced with the directly opposite scenario to you. I moved abroad at 22 and stayed away for a decade. I returned to Ireland six years ago at 32. I’m mostly happy with my decision, but do occasionally pine for my old life abroad. It’s a tricky dilemma to face, but you’ll figure out what’s right for you.

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    37 is not at all too old.

    I agree with the poster above - it might be better to get permanency and then take the career break. I think it's wiser to be able to line something up easily when you get back - it sounds like you have worked hard to get yourself to where you are and it would be a shame to have to do that all over again.

    The only thing, for me anyway, where age would be factored in would be if you have parents who are getting on in age which might make the difference between travelling now while they are healthy vs in a couple of years when that could change and you could feel obligated to stay in Ireland to help care for one of them. Don't know how this would apply to you obviously but if I had older parents it would play a big part in any decision like that.

    I think it's wiser to stay and see the fruits of your hard work and then travel at your leisure, if you don't see other obligations cropping up in the interim that might interfere with that. Your age itself has nothing to do with it.

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    My Dad changed careers and went to work overseas in his late 40's - never too old OP.

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    I'm in first year in a college course that sounds like it might be your field of employment OP. I'm in my late 30s.

    By the time we retire, the retirement age will likely be 75. Is it really too late at 40 to look at "starting again" when you have 30 or 35 years work ahead of you, and you also will have international experience?

    If you want to make the change, do so, but if you want to stay, don't feel like anyone else's opinion is more important in this decision than your own.

    Best of luck with whatever you choose.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,220 ✭✭✭wally1990

    37 too old ? That's not too old at all

    With all honesty, we will be working until 67/68 or there abouts

    That's another 30 years of work !!! It's like the half way point now

    A few years away and getting international experience and coming back is all positive

    Besides, when you are abroad, a flight is only a few hours away from home

    Your nowhere near too old

    If we all think or listen to think type of stuff then you will be doing exactly what your doing now when your 50/60/retired and that is regretting you didn't go abroad for a few years which is a minimal length of time in your whole career

    Besides I just took on an chartered accountanting degree at 31,

    Why? Is it not a young person game ?
    **** pay?
    Bla bla

    No, I wanna learn , I'm only 31 so why not , I've another 30 odd years career

    Your not too old at all

    Be positive