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Using Minecraft Realms but disabling access to Servers

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    Hi there,

    My Daughter uses Minecraft Realms, both on my iPad and now on her own Switch. After a bit of messing around with different account (Microsoft, Nintendo etc.) and, in the case of the iPad, some VPN software, it seems to work fine.

    However, I've just realised that she also has access to various public Minecraft Servers on both devices as well.

    Ideally what I want to do is give her access to her Realm (so she and her friends can play together) but not give her access to Servers (where she can play with strangers). A quick google seems to suggest this might not be possible, that you need to enable multiplayer (and therefore servers) to enable Realms. That seems weird, as the whole point of Realms is a private online space.

    Does any one know if I can stop Servers working, but still keep Realms working?