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Virgin Media Installation

  • 01-02-2021 10:38am
    Registered Users Posts: 1 FergWh1te

    Apologies if this has been covered before. Have been with Sky for a number of years but briefly had UPC some years back (around 2010).

    I had been tempted to move to Virgin Media mainly as I could run it and Sky parallel and then drop Sky Broadband once I was happy with Virgin. I ordered through the website where I was told I could get all services at my address. A couple of days later the router was dispatched.

    I also requested an installation as there was an old single cable coming into the house from UPC days but unsure if it was active.

    An Actavo engineer turned up at the end of last week, had a walk around the house, looking over the wall into neighbours and checked the Cat V cover outside the front of the house. Turns out that the previous installations were overhead and this had been disconnected somewhere along the way. He mentioned something about being able to run it off the point outside the house but didn't seem to want to go down that route.

    Just curious if this is something that occurs often?

    I'm guessing I'd probably be better off waiting for Siro to reach me (in Clonmel). Currently getting 30MB download with Sky BB which is fine for work calls etc.

    Thanks in advance,