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Moving to Kinvara

  • 30-01-2021 5:29pm
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    Hi guys,

    I am thinking of buying a place in Kinvara. I am priced out of Galway and its within reasonable commuting distance, the value for money in Kinvara is really good with the few new builds in the area and the scenic side of things looks second to none

    Unfortunately, I have never spent time in Kinvara and with the whole lockdown its not looking like there will be much opportunity to do so in the near future.

    Can anyone tell me what the social side of things is like there (particularly for a blow in!) and if there is much demand for renting a room? (I'd hope to get a 3 bed a rent out a room) I'm 30 and would be moving on my own

    Also, if anyone knows what the broadband setup is like? Working from home a couple days a week and so a relatively decent connection would be necessary!


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    You don't mention if you are looking in the village or outside it. "Kinvara" can be anywhere within about 10 km of the village, down crap narrow roads.

    Fiber bb is available but the exact location of the property will determine this so best to check using the eircode of the property

    Social life seems to be pretty good, with several festivals (Cruinniú na mBád, Fleadh na gCuach etc)

    You can stick a room up for rent and see how it goes. You may get someone like yourself who will commute into Galway or you might not in which case your next best option is to let it out using AirBnB. Note there are tax implications and conditions whichever route your choose.

    Its a popular tourist spot and is pretty lively so it should be handy enough to fill a room whichever way you go.

    Regarding the commute, be careful. What seems like a reasonable commute can sometimes turn into a soul destroying daily slog once you include traffic if traveling during rush hours, especially on the roads you will be using as there's little overtaking opportunity so you'll be travelling at the speed of the slowest car, truck, tractor.

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    Thanks for the response and the pointers

    Yes, the exact location would indeed be useful! The spot I'm looking at is on Mainstreet, not too far from the community centre. Seems to be fairly close to the centre of the village

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    LegalChef wrote: »
    Thanks for the response and the pointers

    Yes, the exact location would indeed be useful! The spot I'm looking at is on Mainstreet, not too far from the community centre. Seems to be fairly close to the centre of the village

    Yeah you'll be fine for broadband there and airbnb will be a breeze during the summer months, but to be honest, the least amount of hassle is often with a lodger and the tax benefit is skewed with that in mind but I recommend you investigate it all yourself.

    Depending on where you work in the city, it might be worthwhile looking at doing a commute from a train station, something you should also investigate as it might avoid the worst part of the commute

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    I live in Kinvara, work in Galway, so here’s my take on it, but my experiences are based on pre-Covid and it may be different post Covid.

    I’m not a native, I’m a blow-in but so are half the place at this stage and there are many groups/ options to meet up with folk and integrate into village life.

    Sports: Hurling is the predominate sport in the village, though the soccer club is very active. There is a senior ladies hockey team as well as camogie. There are running groups, an athletics club and plenty of cyclists about.

    The sewerage treatment plant in the village was only completed a couple of years ago, but the water quality around the quay is already clean enough for bathing, and there are a lot of year round swimmers, kayakers, paddle boarders on/in the water.

    Pre Covid, there was a thriving music scene in the village, with some great pubs, as well as the hotel. I couldn’t tell you how many of these will re-open though. Currently only one is open doing take away, but there are a few with beer gardens that hopefully will be back in action as soon as possible.

    There is a local radio station that is very welcoming to new help/ presenters/ producers etc. There are also many arts groups ranging from artists to performers to sculptors.

    It’s a great base for access to the Burren for hill-walking etc

    The village is served well by three national school and a secondary school, which is just about to undergo a major modernisation and extension program, starting this month.

    From a work point of view, again pre covid;

    It takes about 30 mins to get from the village to Parkmore Ind Est, not including getting into that estate. It generally takes me about 45-50 mins to get into the city centre for 9am or 6pm. The main road (N67) is currently in the final phase of realignment and should be finished in the summer, however this is rarely a cause of traffic hold ups anyway. There is also easy access to the M18 motorway.

    Public transport is a joke, the bus rarely turns up on schedule, you just wait at the bus stop int it appears, usually 15-20 mins after the schedule, if at all. There is an option of getting the train from Ardrahan or Oranmore to Galway, but from my experience, the Limerick train in unreliable, particularly in the morning. It’s very slow via train from Ardrahan to Galway via Athenry.

    There is no public transport from Galway to Kinvara, or anywhere in South Galway for that matter, after 7pm any evening, something which really bugs me in this day and age.

    Would I recommend life in the village, definitely! People are generally very welcoming, and hopefully we will soon be back to normal life but just don’t rely on public transport to get anywhere!

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    Thanks Guys!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 17 LegalChef

    Thanks for your response! Do you know if there would be much of a market to rent a room (outside of covid times) or do you think it would be largely dependent on Air Bnb / tourism ?

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    I don't know what the potential for a single room let/ house share option would be, but I do know that it's very difficult for families to source full houses to rent.

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    LegalChef wrote: »
    Thanks for your response! Do you know if there would be much of a market to rent a room (outside of covid times) or do you think it would be largely dependent on Air Bnb / tourism ?

    How long is a piece of string?

    All depends. A room in Kinvara at X price will suit some and wont suit others. Depends on any number of factors but to be honest I'd say you'd rent out a room handy enough

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    Beautiful part of the country OP.

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    You'd probably make enough from renting the room in tourist season on Airbnb to cover the winter months.

    I lived there for a while, it's a good place to live.

    Wouldn't worry about being a blow in, there's plenty and in the tourist months there's people from all over.

    I wouldn't be keen on the commute to Galway though (I did it when I lived there but I knew it was short term) .

    If you're a chef I'd imagine there's plenty of work opportunities for you in Kinvara/Ballyvaughan/Gort/Clarinbridge/Oranmore.

    (All above is referring to post Covid obviously!)

    Good luck :)

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    Hey OP, I'm also looking at the houses in Kinvara at the moment too and have viewed the houses just at the end of the village there. Lovely houses (Not cheap) but noticed the Massive number of Crows nesting in the trees behind the Show houses. The noise was something else in the morning and I'm sure at dawn and dusk it will be worse.

    The Village is beautiful though and looks like a wonderful place to live.

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    It's an awful town, terrible place, commute to Galway is a nightmare, best avoid all properties in the area.

    (also looking at houses in Kinvara!)

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    Moved to Kinvara last year. I'm outside the village though. Loving it so far. I was use to a long commute before moving here and they reckon once the roadworks are completed it will make the stretch between Kinvara and Kilcolgan a good bit handier. I like the sense of community here.

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    Disappointing to hear of one posters experience with the bus. With the weather we have, shelter and punctuality are really the only way to make those services viable.