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Career as a carer

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    Having been out of work for so long due to COVID, I'm looking to get into a different line of work so that I don't find myself in this position again. Also with this much time on my hands, and the possibility of no work for the summer I have the time to study.

    I've often thought about being a carer, but I'm not sure if I'm really cut out for it. I'm compassionate and caring, and love helping people esp those in need.

    I'm just unsure about the being 'intimate' as in cleaning up after going to the bathroom or , not trying to be funny, but dealing with snots, number 2s and spit. Would I get use to it after a while??

    I'd love hands on work, wouldn't mind the long shifts.

    Would like to hear from carers themselves.

    Is it very tough? Do ye have good support? Is the pay worth it? Is it over demanding?