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Beware of Eurobid (

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    Eurobid is an auction site that is run under the cover of being a bidding site but is actually a casino. Don't make the mistake of registering with them unless you are happy to gamble away your money. I just unwittingly lost over €200 bidding on an item which went to someone else whose bid was higher than mine but I never got my money back. To bid on any item apparently, you pay dearly, whether you get the item or not. And they make it look very easy but pay attention to the fine print in their user agreement because when I put up a dispute trying to get my money back as I didn't win the bid, they claimed I knew because they wrote it in the fine print they know many people don't read. So I am making it a responsibility to warn others. <snip>. If you are not into gambling, Beware!
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