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Maths Texts for JC - has the curriculum changed?

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    A friend is home-schooling her son for the junior cycle and I offered to help with the maths. He attended first year in school and has been using the "Connect" series of books from Edco, as e-books on an iPad. I see now that there are newer versions of those books - and I'm wondering if the curriculum has changed or if they're just newer editions?

    If he had remained at school he'd probably have taken the Junior Cert exams in 2021. He might still do do, or might not take them until 2022, if that matters.

    The books are all listed here: https://www.edco.ie/home/Default.aspx?id=121&parentNavigationId=8&p=1&schoolLevel=2&classYear=0&exam=1&subject=10027&level=0&programme=0&productType=18&searchByName=Connect

    He has the three books published in 2014:

    Connect with Maths - Introduction to Junior Cycle
    Connect with Maths 1
    Connect with Maths 2

    There are now two new books, published in 2019:

    Connect with Maths Junior Cycle Ordinary Level
    Connect with Maths Junior Cycle Higher Level

    It looks to me like the new books are intended to replace "Connect with Maths 1" and "Connect with Maths 1". But are they just covering the same material or has the curriculum changed?

    Any information of this will be gratefully received. :)


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