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Documentary Participants Wanted!

  • 19-01-2021 8:37pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2 IrishFilmmaker

    My name is Dillon and I am a partner in bescenemedia which is an Irish video production company.

    We are a production company who have commissioned a short documentary. The Documentary requires youth aged 18 - 25 to participate in an interview process via Zoom.

    The interview entails 10 simple light hearted questions and all participants will feature in the final product. The participation is voluntary and will not involve any payment but the casting call is open to all genders in the age category of any Nationality.

    I am hoping to create this listing in the hopes of reaching many people.

    This is a passion project of mine and as a film student I am requesting your help in either participating in interviews or by helping to spread the word.

    Appreciate all help that can be offered and I can be reached at any time at 0877066223 for more info.

    Thanks, Dillon.
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