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Limerick Rugby - Irish Independent

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    Interesting article in todays Independent about Limerick rugby not featuring as much as it used in Munster Rugby playing pools and the impact Of Limerick Hurlers success in recent years . There are other factors discussed too including bringing in South Africans etc instead of home grown players plus the demise of the AIL which so many in Limerick identified with as the Limerick clubs were very successful in and those matchs were watched by youngsters who went on to wear their club colours.
    From someone with relations there it was unusual when you rang a cousin who in February was telling you how hes Rugby team were going so well and in July was telling you his hurling team were after winning the previous day. As far as i can its still the same when we meet up, they could have Munster gear or Limerick hurling gear on. Its cyclical would me my view these things.