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Starter setup

  • 11-01-2021 2:11am
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    Hi, I am possibly looking to get into air soft or archery once covid has fkd off.

    From an air soft perspective what would be an ideal starter set to get and associated costs for firearm, equipment etc?

    Types of air soft firearms i would be interested in would be sidearm, shotgun or lmg.

    For type of firearms which is better, spring, gas or electric?


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    Hi there,

    I'm new to this too but since noone replied yet I figured I'll give you my two cents anyway. If I'm spouting nonsense someone correct me please.

    I only started airsoft for plinking at home, I have no intention to go and actually play with other people yet.

    Spring guns are the cheapest, they don't require batteries or gas. They're cheap to get and run, and if you are into target shooting you can spend from as little as 20e for a plastic pistol up to 200e or more for a decent sniper replica. Needless to say, if you're actually playing against other people, any spring gun will leave you at a huge disadvantage. For close range target shooting a decent spring pistol can be good enough, however it's not really natural or fun to manually rack the slide to load the gun before each shot.

    Green gas guns are generally regarded as the most fun. They usually have a blow back system that realistically moves the slide back when shooting. For handguns, this can feel rather realistic. For heavier guns, maybe not so much. They come with running cost (gas costs money) and other disadvantages (bad and inconsistent performance in the cold) though. Also, the moving slide is one more part that can break and these replicas might need a bit more care and maintenance. For plinking I got myself a green gas pistol, and that was the right choice.

    CO2 is almost only found in pistols, up- and downsides similar to green gas. Not sure about temperature though.

    Electric is the most trouble free way to go. High fire rate, consistent performance. No blow back though, and because the gear box, battery etc need some space, you won't find decent electric pistols. So if it's a handgun you want, green gas or CO2 (or spring) is the way to go.

    As to what type of gun you want, that's completely up to you.
    Handguns are fun if that's your type of thing, since you can't mount them on your shoulder you won't hit things after a certain distance though, especially not if you (or they) are moving. Same as in the real world really.

    Shotguns are similar, most airsoft shot shoot 3 BBs at a time, so they're not even useful for target shooting. They're a close quarter thing really.

    If you want to actually play airsoft (and not "just" shoot targets) you'll want a primary that's capable to clear some range (an SMG, AR or LMG), however since I haven't actually skirmished I really can only guess.

    As to regards to costs (ballpark figures). A decent handgun for plinking probably starts around 80-100e (unless you're ok with a spring pistol), decent electric primaries start around 120e. There are loads of different brands out there, and many are rebrands of others, so your best bet is to either ask or search for opinions about a specific model, or ask a general question like "I settled on an electric MP5, which one is the best in the price range of up to 200e".

    These really are very rough figures, you can easily pay 500e for a good gun, and you can also get one for 50e.

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    Small update, I hope this doesn't count as advertising (I'm not affiliated with any shop).

    There are a few good irish shops around, but in terms of value for money one of the best shops would be gunfire in Poland. They're great to deal with, have a good shop with a huge selection, and their stuff arrives within a week extremely well packaged. Downside #1: They deliver with GLS, so the package might end up fork knows where and take some hunting down. Downside #2: I personally wouldn't order anything from the EU at the moment until the whole brexit chaos has settled a bit. seems to be quite popular too, at least I haven't read anything negative about them and see them recommended a lot. Their prices are quite good, they have a few bundles (search for "combo" or "deal") and they still have their 10% off christmas code working (at least it was working yesterday when I ordered something). Code SANTA at checkout. They're also shipping next business day with DPD (ymmv but DPD is by far the best courier service where I live). Haven't received it yet so I can't give you first hand experience.

    Just something for you to pass the time until someone more knowledgable comes along.

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    Hi, I am possibly looking to get into air soft or archery once covid has fkd off.

    From an air soft perspective what would be an ideal starter set to get and associated costs for firearm, equipment etc?

    Types of air soft firearms i would be interested in would be sidearm, shotgun or lmg.

    For type of firearms which is better, spring, gas or electric?

    I haven't played in quite a while, but just a small bit of friendly advice, don't be using the term "Firearm".
    They are not firearms and it's not a term favoured by Airsofters, Airsoft sites or Airsoft suppliers.
    AEG, Gun or RIF (realistic imitation firearm) is ok.
    As far as buying anything, don't.
    Go play at a few sites first, hire their equipment and see if it's something that you want to stick with before dropping a lot of money on. Different types of sites and gameplay require different equipment set up.
    We always favoured C.O.2 for pistols and electric for anything else with the exception of one short shotgun which was a springer.
    So go try before you buy.

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    Welcome to the game .

    First thing to do is decide what type of gun you want ,the most common platform by far is the M4/M16 , easily customisable from barrel to stock ,the majority of people will be using AEGs( automatic electric guns ) followed by Gbbs (gas blowback pistols ) they use green gas or co2 to cycle the slide and shoot the bbs ,you can also get Aeps which are battery powered pistols great for winter,
    Shotgun's come in single shot spring powered like your pump action shotguns seen in movies ,they also come in 3 shot version which shoot 3 bbs per shot or in some cases 6 shot and sometimes they come in green gas or co2 powered ,
    Sniper rifles tend to be spring powered and are quite and can be accurate if you put some time and money into it ,
    But you can also get DMR (designated marksmans rifle) again the most popular versions are longer barrels versions of the M4 or M16 platforms ,but can also include the M14 ,AK or G36 platforms .

    Cost wise if your planning on playing at airsoft sites your looking at a cost of €160 + €15+ battery for a decent beginners kit , but you will need at least 5/6 magazines to get started playing regularly that's another €50 ,then you would need something like chest rig or plate carrier to carry your gear on ,or a basic battle belt rig works too ,
    You will need quality ballistic rated glasses or goggles to play on any site and decent quality hiking or combat boots ,runners are useless and dangerous .
    Most sites charge €30 for a days gaming with your own kit or you can also rent a gun on some sites ,

    Guns wise there is very little difference out of the box in performance and range , doesn't matter if you have a smg ,lmg or assault rifles but all can be upgraded with better Internals for quicker trigger response and range again to comes down to time and cost you put in .

    You can spend a few hundred to get started or literally thousands building a specific gun and loadout .

    If you can get to a shop or site once lock down finishes you can look and get a feel for the type of gun you want , and at sites most of us are more than happy to show new people our guns and kits and offer advice too.

    Langley , Virginia

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    M4/16 - readily available easy to handle and light tons of externals available , handguards ,rails ,stocks , lights ,peq boxes ,red dot sights ,scopes,

    Brands - specna arm's ,cyma ,g&g ,g&p Tokyo mauri ,vfc available from €160 -€600 +

    AK 47 /74 - not as popular as the M4 but widely regarded not as many external upgrades compared to the M4 , solid internals and very reliable,
    Brands - cyma ,g&g ,e&l ,LCT,Tokyo mauri ,JG,king Arms

    G36 - another popular choice comes in 3 main variants C,K,E ,all polymer receiver like the real gun ,solid performances ,a clean modern design chunky magazines I prefer the k length carbine over the shorter version,some come with a built-in optic which is crap for most part like the real one ,
    Brands - cyma ,JG ,specna arm's ,vfc , Tokyo mauri ,vfc ,ics ,SRC , classic army , umarex ,Ares

    M14 - solid heavy gun ,not much happening external wise wooden receiver available , Great DMR platform add a scope and your away

    cyma ,g&g , Tokyo mauri , AGM

    MP5 - nice light smg not too many seen these days a few external upgrades available , easy to use and easy to shoot,
    Cyma ,JG , Tokyo mauri ,ics

    Evo scorpion - new smg from cz modern looks and fantastic out of the box performance light weight ,comes in 2 lengths short barrel similar to Mp5 but also comes in two carbine lengths one with a supressor and modern looks ,
    Brands ASG (exclusive)

    Shotguns - M870 types are the most popular but Also available in spas 12 ,fabarm stf12 , spring , single shot and spring 3 shot ,Also Tri shot and 6 shot gas .
    A few upgrades available including hpa (high pressure air) conversion kits

    Brands cyma , double eagle ,aps , Tokyo mauri.

    Sniper rifles-.

    VSR 10 ,bar 10 ,L96 and a few variations of , reliable , spring powered bolt actions easy to use ,quite great starting point if you want to get into sniping , accurate out of the box ,

    Brands Tokyo mauri ,well ,Jg ,cyma , novrtich

    Gas blowback pistols - Glock ,H&K , Barretta ,Sig ,CZ , Colt , Smith and Wesson , Desert Eagle ,IMI ,1911

    All use green gas and have a gas blowback action some are better than others especially in cold weather ,some can upgrade slides and barrels and blowback units for faster shooting and accuracy ,
    Also non blowback available quite and easy to shoot not many upgrades available ,
    Brands Tokyo mauri ,Asg ,kjw ,g&g ,ics ,cyma
    Tokyo Mauri by far make the best performing and upgradeable pistols available , mostly high quality plastic frame and slides but are perfect unless you really want a metal slide others you can build 200 different pistols from the part's available and no two will look the same (hiccappa)

    This is only a few bits of whats available others are also available m249s,M60s ,Fn scar and scar heavy ,SVD ,MiniGuns (6 barrel Gatlings) Thompsons , Enfields ,mp40 Sten ,SA80 ,UZi , Sig 550 /1/2/3 ,PKMs ,Kriss vectors ,
    Various 40 mm grenade launchers (similar to shotguns )load a shell with up 200 bbs and fire from a launcher , shell stays in tube 200 + bbs shoot instantly using gas Great for close range fun,
    And lever action Winchesters
    FN fal ,H&K G3 HK33 /53

    Langley , Virginia

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    Thanks for all the info so far, especially Gatling (name appropriate) for all your detail, so much info here of what to look at.:eek:

    K.Flyer, wasn't sure which was appropriate terminology so went with what felt the correct thing to say, but get the point as they dont fire live rounds. :)

    Banana bear, i will have a look at those shops, may provide a better cost even with shipping.

    From looking at various platforms that have been listed it seems to make it affordable to get into i may start off with a VSR 10, bolt action rifles always appealed to me and this is nice, also love how it comes with synthetic and "wooden" stock, OR a G36C, however leaning more to the VSR.

    For pistol id likely go with a makarov or sig, both have an appeal based on some shows ive seen and games ive played.

    Consideration for the vsr though would be ghillie or netting.

    In terms of padding for taking a hit, any particular clothing that is reccommended ?

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    As a word of warning, there's a bit of a beginner hard lesson to learn with sniping. It's something a lot of folks think it's going to be great sneaking around, but to be honest it's very very difficult as a new person and not a lot of fun. Most beginners who get a spring powered rifle end up buying an AEG after their first game.

    The one most frustrating thing about it is people not taking their hits because they just didn't feel the bb. I was up at Spec Ops over the summer with my L96 and was driven mad by this. Nobodies fault at all. Just 1 bb flying through the air and pinging on someone who's running for example has a high chance of just not being noticed by them. I'm sure I've done it too lots myself over the years.

    If you like the idea of a long rifle, buy a long AEG and do a DMR type set up, can still lash a scope on it and hide in the bushes.

    Just means if you want to, you can fire off quick semi auto rounds or stick it on full auto.

    Running about with your gun on full auto is just way too fun an experience not to have, especially as a new person.

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    Is there a platform which would fill that role on balance with aeg or is it down to finding "what fits best for me" ?

  • Registered Users Posts: 31,499 ✭✭✭✭ Gatling

    Is there a platform which would fill that role on balance with aeg or is it down to finding "what fits best for me" ?

    M14 great platform for starting out ,you have semi and full auto fire ,just need a scope and your halfway there ,
    A lot of people throw various scopes on M4s and call it a DMR too ,
    Cyma do a great range of SR 25 type rifles based on the M16 but bigger , and come with upgraded internals would be another great starting point ,just need a scope and or bipod

    Langley , Virginia

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    Yeah another +1 for the m14. I have one myself with a scope on it and it definitely gives you that long gun/rifle feel while still having access to a bit of firepower in case you need it. Would go nicely with a ghillie suit.


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    Is that the g&p low profile scope mount I see

    Langley , Virginia

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    In terms of games, what are the rules around plastic bbs and steel bearings being used, also automatic fire ?

    I ask this as some of the variants of m4 firring either plastic bbs or bearings. (foreign sites)

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    In terms of games, what are the rules around plastic bbs and steel bearings being used, also automatic fire ?

    Plastic BBs and that's it, nobody shoots anyone with steel.

    Full auto tends to be fine in big open areas, just don't be riddling people and try to avoid headshots if you can.

    Unless you're being shot from up close, it doesn't hurt at all. Feels like someone is flicking you from most engagement distances.

    It can be good practice to switch to semi auto only in confined areas. Usually a fun excuse to switch to a gas pistol.