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Umarex Beretta 92FS EBB Pistol

  • 10-01-2021 6:01pm
    Registered Users Posts: 87 ✭✭ banana_bear

    10.- shipped anywhere in the ROI.

    No, no pickup possible. I'm not going to go out of my way to arrange to meet up for this hunk of sh1te. You send me 10.- through paypal, I drop it off at the post office as soon as I can.

    This is what you'll get:

    Muzzle velocity: 170FPS with 0.12g BBs, if you have a lot of wind from the back.

    What's in the box:
    - Officially licensed "Replica"
    - 16 BB magazine
    - A few 0.12 BBs
    - Disappointment, anger and frustration

    The gun is an all plastic build, optimised for speed. This gun won't slow you down, except when it makes you stop and wonder where you've gone wrong in your life.

    It shoots straight enough if your goal is to hit something human sized (helps if they're fat) at short range (<12m), assuming they're fair players that admit when they're hit by a cotton ball.

    It definitely doesn't shoot straight enough to hit a small paper target at 10m, and if it did there'd still be a 50% chance it wouldn't penetrate the paper so you wouldn't even know where you'd hit it. Actually you would know, because the BB flies slow enough to be followed by the naked eye. In fact, you probably could put the gun down after firing it, and if you walked briskly towards your target you might arrive there before the projectile.

    The gun comes with one 16 bullet mag, and takes 4 AAA batteries to operate. Of course, you could also insert those batteries into a vibrator and shove it up an orifice of your choice, and you still wouldn't feel half as violated as if you'd have paid full price for this.

    It features an electronic blowback system, which gives you a real firearm experience, at least if your idea of realism has been shaped by booking the "girlfriend experience" from a 15 euro crack whore in Amsterdam.

    The condition is still as new, I probably put 60BBs through it and so far I resisted the urge to throw it against a wall.

    TLDR: I bought this for plinking, but literally any 10e spring pistol does a better job at that. Maybe someone here can still see a use for it. I'd essentially give it away for free, but because I don't want my time wasted that means I'll only send it.


  • Registered Users Posts: 87 ✭✭ banana_bear

    There I even took it out one more time to take a picture of it.