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Don’t know whether to keep paying rent or not on house I haven’t moved into yet

  • 08-01-2021 7:09pm
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    Hoping for some advice as in two minds about what to do. I got new accommodation around October time in a house share but lockdown meant I had to delay moving in and haven’t been in the office since then. I’ve been paying rent every month in order to keep the room and have the house keys, but haven’t moved in yet. I’m now debating whether to give up the house as I don’t know if it’s worth to keep paying just to keep hold of it if the restrictions are extended past this month/February. I got the house in first place as I was tried of commuting in and out on the bus, but have been working from home and living with my parents since last March. I should add I paid a deposit back in October also. Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Nobody can answer this for you and dependent on numerous things. But what I will say if you can manage lockdowns in tight confines with your parents when you've a room available elsewhere you must enjoy home comforts. So maybe best to stay there another few years and save if you dont find it too bad.

    I think a lot of companies will change the way they work going forward and optional work from home will be far more commonplace so perhaps you wont have to make that bus journey as often.

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    Why not just move in?
    Are you working from home?
    You can do that from the rented place just as easily.
    Otherwise, give it up because you're not going to move in once lockdown is lifted if you haven't already.

    To thine own self be true

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    Are you not obligated under a lease to keep paying rent for a certain time?

    I would be surprised if you are not.

    Please check it.

    Read your lease very carefully before you decide anything.

    It usually stipulates certain dates etc.

    If you are not obligated its up to you.

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    Could you sublet it until you move in?

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    Why not just move in?
    Are you working from home?
    You can do that from the rented place just as easily.
    Otherwise, give it up because you're not going to move in once lockdown is lifted if you haven't already.

    Yeah, this OP. I fear you’re following the guidelines a bit too stringently here. Moving is an essential activity, for the pure and simple reason that if most people don’t move when they’re supposed to, they don’t have a home. We had a tenant move out of my apartment yesterday and a new one will move in next week, both had to give notice periods that pre-existed these guidelines. Them both staying put simply wasn’t an option. I don’t think, if a Garda were to stop you on the road with all your stuff in the car and you told him that this was where you lived now, that he’d send you back where you came from.

    I know you technically do have somewhere you can stay but’s mad to be paying full rent and getting zero benefit from it, so if the place works for you now then just move now. And, as said above, if it doesn’t then it probably doesn’t work for you because even though Level 5 may not last for months and months and we have a vaccine, COVID is still with us for the foreseeable future and we should plan accordingly.

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    A lot of people moved home to the country to have space during the lockdowns they continued paying rents or else the rooms were re leased to others. Stop paying stay home for another while there will be loads of rooms after the covid as many easten europeans are working from home in their european countries. Several of my work colleagues have gone home to Poland & Hungary work practices will change from now on so let the room go, advise the land lord you need to take caer of your parents cant argue with that and save the money for your next deposit.