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Neighbour has piles of rubbish in garden

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    Hi all,

    I live in an area of terraced houses and we all have a larger patch of a garden behind these terraced houses.

    One of the neighbours has no bin, regularly burns his rubbish at the back (resulting in the most toxic and nauseating fumes).

    All of this is bad enough, but we've recently discovered that he is also piling up his domestic rubbish in his back garden, not in bag bin liners, just strewn all over his garden.

    Some of his rubbish is blowing over in to my patch of garden.
    But my major worry is that his rubbish will attract vermin and lead to a serious pest control issue.

    This area is a long established close knit old fashioned community. Reporting someone would be a big no no and would result in us being completely ostracised. We have bought a house here, so here for the foreseeable!

    This man is very popular and well liked by the neighbours.
    We are the newest members of the neighbourhood.
    Reporting this man is not an option for us as the finger would be pointed to us and we don't want any hassle or conflict with the rest of the neighbourhood.

    His garden is well away from public view, so there is slim to no chance of some of the public reporting him either.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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