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HRV fault - Not working anymore - Help!

  • 27-12-2020 9:25pm
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    I posted on getting some maintenance done on this, back in October. Have noticed mine and others do not get any replies when looking for maintenance recommendations. I tried a local company and was told to replace my unit. My previous supplier has gone kapput.
    Our Vortice Prometeo HR400 has stopped working. Initially it was telling me the 'defrost valve was blocked'. Re-starting the unit over several goes (on advice from a professional) seemed to kick start it again. It has stopped again. the 'control' alternates between telling us the defrost valve is blocked/the remote is not receiving signal and the CO2 sensor is not active. Either way it's not working.
    Short of replacing the whole unit, has anyone any suggestions as to what to do?? Am happy to pay someone but even this seems to draw a blank. No one seems willing to deal with this...
    (Unit was installed in 2011. AFAIK we followed best advice with installation etc. And yes, filters changed regularly.)


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    I see -snip- have mention of using those units - maybe give them a call and ask them if they can recommend someone?

  • Registered Users Posts: 230 ✭✭ selfbuildache

    Many thanks. I'll try them.