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The year that was....

  • 22-12-2020 6:17pm
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    With the year nearly over I thought if might be interesting to post the good and bad of our trading experiences over the year. If anyone has any further categories to add feel free to do so:

    Biggest winner of the year: Nikola Got in back in Feb and out for $65 or so. Thank you Trevor Milton, a complete mirage of a company.
    Biggest loser of the year: Banco Santander - lost patience when they pulled the dividend
    One that got away: loads but two that annoy me are DKNG and GAN..watched them drop waiting for an entry, they dropped, I did nothing and missed out on 45% on DKNG over the last month and a handy 25% in GAN over the last week.
    One you should have stayed away from: Rmed - piece of crap medical devices company, averaged down here to cut losses. Plain stupid.
    Lesson learned in 2020: Invest bigger, better and longer.
    One to watch in 2021: Expecting DDDD to be a big winner
    One to avoid in 2021: Zoom - baffled by it's valuation and NKLA - It could well disappear in 2021.


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    Biggest winner of the year: QS - It goes up and down a lot but sometimes +300-400% which is really good returns.
    Biggest loser of the year: Drive Shack: Had good analysis but sold at a loss.
    One that got away: Didnt really get away as such but I bought 33 shares of NIO at 3.30 then sold at 6.60, then bought 30 again at 27 and now I want to buy a lot more.
    Lesson learned in 2020: Dont pick stocks on a whim, read and do a lot of research and you will find out way more about the company and have better analysis.
    One to watch in 2021: NIO - nio day, 2 sedans, possibly a new sedan factory, battery swaps, taxi service tie-in with mobile eye for china.
    One to avoid in 2021: Nikola, still any of the covid travel stocks mostly cruises.

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    Biggest winner of the year: Atlassian - in and out of it a few times, selling the highs and buying the dips. Currently up over 50%
    Biggest loser of the year: HSBC - a bad pick that I have averaged down on a few times, with still no sight of recovery.
    One that got away: NIO - had 200 at just under $5, sold them for about $4.50. Must be one of the only people who actually made a loss on them. See also PLUG - 425 @$1.60, sold for $2 in March. Currently $36. 2 stocks that I sold for ~$1600, currently worth ~$24k
    One you should have stayed away from: EROS, I've even forgotten what it is at this stage
    Lesson learned in 2020: Make more use of stop limit orders, cut back on the day trading, more 'buy and forget'.
    One to watch in 2021: ABNB - Hoping to get it on a dip shortly, feel there will be an economic and travel boom once the vaccine is rolled out and the world returns to normal.
    One to avoid in 2021: Bank stocks.

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    Great thread... only started investing but have already made some of the mistakes listed above and aim to do the same Retalivity and use stop limits far more and not dwelling on small price changes so much

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    Nice thread OP.

    Biggest winner of the year: G4S, nearly tripled investment on a company that took a hammering in March and was always going to bounce back - the business of security is as old as anything.
    Biggest loser of the year: Rolls-Royce, still baffling since they will be building SMR nuclear plants in the UK but gross mismanagement and a board full of dinosaurs who wouldn't lead their way out of a paper bag gets you this.
    One that got away: Aside from Tesla it has to be Vestas, tripled in value since March and only going up, with Europe and the US committing hard to wind it should have been a no brainer.
    One you should have stayed away from: Probably VISA since it returned about 20% since March as a "safe" bet, when there were far better returns from other blue chips.
    Lesson learned in 2020: Do your research, trust but verify, and once you've taken a position never solidify your losses. Trust the process. Don't gamble.
    One to watch in 2021: ReconAfrica, if they strike oil down there it will explode.
    One to avoid in 2021: Most tech stocks are grossly overvalued except Tesla which works in another stratosphere. 2021 will see money cycle back into utilities, manufacturing and hard assets. I'm gonna go for Zoom since I expect MS and Cisco to eat them for breakfast in due course.