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Junior Cert Higher Maths - Online resources or tutorials?

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    Hi there,

    My Daughter (3rd year) needs a bit of extra work to catch up with her JC Higher Maths.

    Aside from the old approach of going to grinds (which isn't ideal during Covid) I'd really appreciate if you could please recommend any online resources that might be out there that would help?

    I was thinking there is probably youtube channels etc. or please do suggest any other ideas or approaches that you found helpful.



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    Mathstutor.ie might be an option

    **mod edit - this is a paid site**

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    Thanks for that - Would love to hear opinions from anyone who has used this.

    From their Website it mentions €40 per month or €199 for the school year.

    I will say though that the marketing on their front page seemed a bit off to me -

    "Worried about disrupted learning or possible school shutdowns?

    Will you be ready and confident for your exams next June?"

    Using scare tactics around the pandemic and preying on people's anxieties to make a profit is something that people may not appreciate.

    * Aibhif - Thanks again for taking the time to post - I really appreciate it and don't want the above to come across as me being ungrateful :)

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    Not wishing to push this site in any way so mod feel free to remove 2nd post if not appropriate. As mod said it is not free and there are lots of other sites that could help too ... I used it because it was fairly tailored for last years JC maths. In case it helps you it just came up today that they have access free to all students 5th -12th Jan. Might be enough if your daughter wanted to use it to do a good weeks work to help her revision. I found their videos easy to follow. Agree about the marketing and accept that this free week access is also a marketing tool!

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    Any search in youtube will provide a wealth of videos, just try get one given by a teacher, where they know the papers and marking schemes and refer to them in the classes.

    You wont go far wrong with these.

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