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Recommended short films?

  • 18-12-2020 3:20pm
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    I stumbled across a page on Gizmodo listing 6 spooks shorts. From there have watched some more short films and really enjoy them- get a plot, a protagonist and in most a twist at the end. Condensed enjoyment.

    Short of the week channel on Youtube is good.

    So I'm looking for some shorts recommendations please. I enjoy horrors, twists, sci-fi, comedy etc, pretty much everything.



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    Martin McDonagh's short Six Shooter is worth a watch:

  • Registered Users Posts: 240 ✭✭ j.s. pill II

    This shouldn't work but it does :cool:

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,507 ✭✭✭ El Gato De Negocios

    Cutting Moments by Douglas Buck is excellent, visceral but excellent.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,207 ✭✭✭ p to the e

    Here's two Irish ones I've liked over the years.


    The Clockmaker's Dream
    More whimsical than the other one but I enjoyed it

    And of course "Batman Dead End". If you don't know this fan made film from 2003 then don't read up on it. Better going in without knowing anything. You'll have to overlook the quality as it was made nearly 20 years ago on next to nothing.

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    I saw this on UK TV back in the 70s and never forgot it:

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