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Question about Cartoon Saloon's business model

  • 10-12-2020 12:55pm
    Registered Users Posts: 73 ✭✭ dgallagher_73


    I'm a big fan of Cartoon Saloon's animated films. I noticed that they have a new film out called Wolfwalkers which looks really good. However after looking at the budget of their films and the money they bring in at the box office respectively I've always wondered how they are able to continue to make their movies?

    Here's a list of the last three films they've made and their budgets and what they make at the box office:

    The Secret of Kells:
    Budget: 8 million // Gross: 3.5 million

    Song Of The Sea:
    Budget: 7.5 million // Gross: 4.4 million

    Budget: 10 million // Gross: 4.4 million

    They seem to continually lose out on money with each film release and I'm wondering how is the studio able to continue making movies? Do they make their money back with DVD/BluRay sales or something? Or perhaps the films eventually get picked up on Netflix and they make a profit that way etc? Or is there some kind of "Hollywood accounting" involved?

    Does anyone know about these things and could kindly explain them to me?



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    Mix of things, most likely: financing from the likes of Screen Ireland (Wolfwalkers has a tonne of non-commercial funding bodies involved), grants, streaming deals, broadcast deals, home video sales etc... Also Apple+ picked up Wolfwalkers so that’s a big chunk of change right there.

    Regardless of the accounting complexities, I’m just glad they’re doing what they’re doing. Wolfwalkers is an absolute delight - one of the best animated films in years.