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Any Christmas gifts ideas for a home-brewer?

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    My friend does a lot of home-brewing and I got him in secret Santa this year.
    Given he likely has all the main equipment needed would anyone have any suggestions for a nice gift for him to use with it?
    Edit: should have mentioned with a budget up to around a hundred quid


  • Do you know anything about his system? Kit/extract/all-grain?

  • Im not sure of which he does.

    The details I know are
    His boiler is setup outside when he uses it
    He makes differernt stouts and ipas and he messes with different recepies in them (which is making me think he is more likely to have an all grain setup but Im pretty ignorant of the process to it so could easily be wrong)

    He has a stir plate
    Has a fridge setup with a couple of small kegs in it (I think he also uses that fridge for some other purpose before storing the kegs
    He has some way of bottling too

    Im thinking, even if there is a recommended (preferably irish) site that sells supplies and has vouchers it could be a safe way to go

  • That sounds pretty advanced. I don't think I'd buy anything specific unless you knew he needs/wants it.

    A voucher seems to me the best way to go. The Homebrew Company, Homebrew West and Ger Er Brewed all do vouchers. He may already have a preferred supplier, if you can find that out.

  • Thanks Beernut I will have a look at those sites

  • Definitely try to figure out which supplier he tends to go with as there are important differences. HomebrewWest for example tend to be better stocked with Craft Range malts and they do reward points, but they don't sell Citra or several other popular hop varieties in bulk which Homebrew Company do. Things like that are fairly important depending on what kinds of brewing one is doing.

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