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Amplifier recommendation

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    I have an old system which I am ngoing to upgrade in the new year. I'm keeping my Mission M33i floorstander speakers, and am getting a Rega RP1.

    I'm in a quandary though about what amp to go for. Budget is around €300.

    Any suggestions?


  • The budget is really tight, so something like Marantz PM5005 since it has a phono preamp included. Stick to brands like Marantz, NAD, Denon, Cambridge Audio, and their entry-level models are around ~300€. There should be good black friday/christmas discounts.
    Or second hand on; you'll get level above model for the same price - slightly more power and better control.
    I also like to have a separate phono preamp so I can replace it one day, those bundled inside an amp are not usually something special. Phono preamp has a major role in vinyl sound quality.