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FlightGear 2020.3.2

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    The latest edition is 6 November 2020.

    Since my Mac Mini i7 16GB is now yesterday's model I decided to install the game on it. OS is OS 11 big sur.

    I have a 4 GB Sonnet Puck eGPU

    I will let people know how I got on with installation over the next few days.

    Others with different computers like Windows and Linux are welcome to post about their own experience with Flight Gear of course.


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    And it's a no go:

    Installed & Verified Flight Gear. Placed in the Dock, opened it, and now the mac mini won't shut down. Need to delete it off the poor thing later.

    I WILL be installing Flight Gear on my 7 year old 16GB Windows 10 laptop (which has a weak GeForce 645M, but sure you can't hope for everything) and relate how I fare.

    EDIT: My PC has Windows 10 Pro and 16gb ddr3 memory. 2gb graphics card. Thrustmaster joystick. screens to follow in next few days/

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