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Italian Satellite TV going to HD or 4K. Tivusat Dropping SD

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    In a "it's nice to see what could be here", Tivúsat are dropping SD channels.
    Google translate
    Over the course of 2021 , almost all channels on satellite TV will only be visible to an HD and 4K device , so change your old SD decoder immediately and you won't miss anything!

    Tivúsat decoder cards can only be bought with hardware and you need an Italian PPS number as it's a FTV scheme. Free To View for Italians.


  • Sky need to do far more to get rid off SD channels and stop milking Consumers.

  • Channels 301 - 323 are now Regional versions of RAI 3
    It used to be just Lazio (Rome)

    And they are in SD, ah well.

  • I haven't had pay TV for years - but anytime I see it I find it incredible that so many channels are still in SD. Even those with HD versions require an extra payment!

    My kids don't want TV, they stream. Most of the content I watch is on free or subscription streaming services like YouTube/Netflix/Disney+/Amazon Prime etc. - all available in HD or 4K.

    Broadcast pay TV will be dead in a few more years if they don't move with the times.

    SD just doesn't cut it.