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Heart health 35 y/ó female

  • 22-11-2020 11:07am
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    So, over the years I've felt flutters in my chest. It started 6 years ago but for the most part it was just very briefly like maybe once a day for a week or two, or just briefly. With that I've always felt a bit odd with excercise. Got through pregnancy grand because I guess I'd no issues at all because I didn't smoke or drink. But stupidly I went back smoking(3 to 5 a day) and a glass of wine every two nights or so. I was also going through extreme stress due to a marriage break down. My daughter is now two. My husband and I broke up in the past six months. So I know I've stress.

    But now ive always had sort of restrictions in breathing in some way sort of like a tight sternum. In the past week it's gotten bad. For a while I thought acid reflux because of burning sensation in throat. But I wake up gasping, feel so tired during the day and sometimes weakness and burning in arms. My chest hurts if I move my arms certain ways and so I took it on myself to get a bp monitor which showed mostly 140/90 and sometimes goes back down. I still have tightness restrictions in throat. I also bought an oximetre which is pretty good most of the time but like for two seconds or so has hit down to 90 then goes back up and once went down to 78 for like a second both at night time and freaked me out. I know there is something wrong I don't get many irregular heart beats but BP monitor has a few times caught an irregular heart beat. I feel every time I go to the doc or ring them they call me anxious. In addition I get a weird burning/trembling in lips. I'm always feeling worst in the morning and start feeling better at night but the whole bad feeling starts again as I wake up, semi rapid heart rate and weakness in arms. Lastly sometimes when I breathe in my rib cage sort of bubbles. Has anyone had something similar!? I just want it sorted where I don't feel nervous going out or driving in the car by myself. Its like my fight or flight had gone. A doc once suggested a problem with the vagus nerve but apparently there is no cure. Help!!!


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    Get yourself to a doctor or GP and get referred for testing. Could be a number of things, here on a message board (medical advice not allowed) wouldn't be the first point of contact. I've had palpitations a lot and had to go to hospital in March after they were waking me up. Scary stuff. Was a suspected miniheart attack (I'm only 29, very active and non smoker). No more sugary drinks and reducing the alcohol and the palpitations are down to about once a month.Wish you all the best.

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    Definitely get yourself to your GP. If your doctor doesn't give you an answer you're happy with get a second opinion. You know yourself that there is something not right so get it seen to.

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    I had a cough that didn't go away. Went to my gp who referred me to a cardiologist. 2 months after seeing her I was having an aortic valve replaced. From GP to surgery it was 4 months. Went private for the surgery.