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best Kayak


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    Sit on top or Sit in? If by large river you mean something like the Shannon you could get use out of something like a tandem sea kayak.

    Paddled a Prijon Poseidon for 10 days last year and it was grand on the water. Sucked carrying it but then any double weighs a ton.

    Pyranha make something a bit different called a Fusion Duo. Spent some time in one both on the Slaney and in the Irish Sea. Handy boat and if I was ever in the market for a tandem I'd be hard pressed to find a better option.

    I paddled a couple tandem SOTs now and again but got no idea what they were so I'd be no help on those.

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    Have a chat with Darren in Darrens Kayaks.


    He'll point you in the right direction and you can even try them out.

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    Hi Romer Thanks.
    We are looking at a sit on, we used them in Durgarvan this year found it easy to use.

    We are living on the river lee i wouldn't mind how heavy it was as long as it would be safe.

    Thanks Pullandbang I will give Darren a shout

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