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Sourcing a Turkey for Thanksgiving

  • 20-11-2020 3:13pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3,069 ✭✭✭ Johnny_Fontane

    I'm all about Thanksgiving due to the NFL and I am taking the day off and am going to BBQ a turkey!

    Where can I source a good quality frozen turkey? I'm one of those people who buys the Organic one at Christmas (and always the Carlow Free Range for Sunday roast) because I firmly believe they are better.

    So any ideas on where to get one before next Thursday?

    Failing that, I have seen some frozen turkeys in Tesco, so that will do, but just wanted to see if anyone had seen any Frozen Organic birds about (in Dublin)?


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    Frozen turkeys are great. Half the price of fresh, you can get a decent one in Aldi for under €10.

    Let it thaw, in the fridge, for a couple of days before you do anything to it.

    I've watched a few turkey taste tests and there really is no discernable difference between organic/free range/fresh/frozen. It's what you do to your turkey that makes the difference.

    The go-to recipe on here is Neven's buttermilk brined turkey crown

    If you're to brine it, you'll need to take off the legs. The effort to bone, stuff and roll them is really worth it for the end result. The hardest part about boning is removing the sinew. I use a pair of pliers, sterilised in boiling water, to pull them out.

    Good luck to you and Happy Holidays! :D