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How is Brexit effecting the likes of PM/DPD Parcel Wizard/AP etc?

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    Got a notification from DPD Parcel Wizard.
    We will no longer be offering our Virtual Address Service from December 11th 2020. This is due to customs clearance requirements for parcels travelling into the Republic of Ireland from Great Britain which will come into effect post Brexit.

    Address Pal earlier in the month.
    From January 1st 2021, payment for all AddressPal items will be taken from a saved credit/debit card on your AddressPal Account.

    From January 1st 2021, when shopping online you will need to use your AddressPal Home Delivery virtual address and number, for customs reasons.

    Please ensure to include your Name and AddressPal (APW) number on all orders to allow us to identify your item. Post Office/Collection Point addresses can no longer be processed from this date. Please do not use this address when shopping online from January 1st.


  • Mod This is up on DPD and AddressPal threads already. It is also being discussed across various other threads. There is no need for another until we have more clarity on Brexit. We can re-open this then to keep it all in one place.

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