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5k and beyond

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    Hi All,

    Im a bit of a lurker on here as never considered myself a runner but have completed the couch to 5k app in recent months and am now 18 days deep in a 5k everyday for movember challenge. I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone migth be able to help me with:

    5k times: im hovering around 31/32 mins at the moment. Is there anything i can do to get faster?. Any links to explanations on workouts for speed etc would be greatly appreciatted. im 15 stone 7 so dropping more weight would probably help?

    Longer Distance: To get from 5k to say 10k should i tag on an extra km once a week or whats the best method?.

    Supplements: should i be taking anything to help with recovery?. My diet is pretty good at the moment but i find myself snacking in the evening. With trying to run every day for 30 days should i be trying to up protein or anything to help?