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Cooking Spoons?

  • 07-11-2020 5:21pm
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    Short version? : Looking for one Not made in China. Thanks.

    Kick back and chat version? : I've got weirdly drawn into " Al's Kitchen ", on the chube. I make a " curry ", every week in my Instapot. Last me three days. But, it's really a thing like a spuddy and beefy stew, with a load of 'curry powder' lobbed in.

    So, I happened on Al' and now I'm a man absolutely on a mission! (Don't know why, because I wouldn't know one curry from the next if it jumped up and bit me! :D) Thing is though, I first saw that I need this " Basic (BIR) Gravy ". But, I don't own a pot! :o

    That's where it all kicked off. I saw a nice looking one. " Tower ". Well known, 'good' brand. €20.00. Great! Then, this little monkey on my back whispered in my ear. And, I think we can safely say my life changed! I started digging.

    Yep. British company since the 1800's. Tower gear is now made in China. And, I'll not be drawn on politics but; I like Dogs. Not the way they do.

    Ended up paying about €60.00 for an 'identical' pot. Made in Italy. And, my god! I feel like inviting people round, just to admire it! It's Gorgeous!!! Lagostina. They make some Seriously good gear!

    Frying pan? Tracked down an Italian one. It's on its way. Measuring spoons?! What an adventure That was! I actually email the companies; " Where are your measuring spoons made, please? " They can't even look ye in the eye as they mumble " China... "

    Finally found a few sets, job lot, on the bay! All vintage UK made! Now? I've just spent last night and this afters combing through amazon, google and god knows where. I just want a stainless steel cooking spoon. One Not made in China.

    Thanks :)


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    You will have a very hard time getting a guarantee of not being made in China on anything. There are a few specialist stainless steel makers in the UK but most make only specialist items - I know that my shot measures in my home bar kit were made in England for instance; but spoons are a bit too generic.

    I'm possibly inaccurately assuming you want steel - wooden spoons are more likely to be made in the EU due to phytosanitary rules, as are plastic ones due to being easier/cheaper to make; lots of plastic injection moulding firms in Ireland even. (Wham, who do a lot of cheaper plastic stuff in homewares shops are all UK made but they don't make spoons)

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    :D Nailed my spoon, since posting! Ebay. Used. Second hand stuff is more often 'vintage' and so made in country.

    I agonised over a Really German looking one. Forget the name now. But, it was stamped with that and " German Stainless Steel " ~ in german.

    Naah. Had little, rubber, slices in the handle. Just looked too modern. Checked the company name and they just sounded like something swallowed up.

    That one was less than eight quid. From UK.

    Finally decided on a beauty! Twenty quid or more. From US. Made in India ~ what better for making my curries?! :D And just Looks gorgeous!


    Look at that! It's got some character to it :cool: Dunno. After all the three quid, shiny as hell, Kwan Ton Con stuff? This beauty just caught my eye.

    Next is to source the spices. I'll dig around on here. See what people might be saying :)

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