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LiFePO4 vs Lead Acid Efficiency

  • 05-11-2020 6:29pm
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    This thread is inspired as a spin off from comments in the Shadey Solar Quotes thread

    Worth a thread of it's Own I expect;

    garo wrote: »
    Your man got 77% efficiency off lead-acid not including inverter losses:

    LiFePO4 losses are less than half that. So your 1>2% number is way off.

    Yer man is not me Garo. Question the methd, test accuracy, hardware and lead health to begin with.

    I've LifePO4 efficiency results of 98% and SLA of ~95% The system efficiency losses are mostly the transformer and mosFETs involved.

    I'll start posting my results as I get them.
    I know right the internet accuses lead as being 80% efficient...I don't know how they're generating results so sell li-ion maybe?. Most of it is unfounded echo chamber.


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    This is a Yuasa SLA


    Total Effective Capacity (@24V)
    I removed 52.2Ah @ C10



    Returned (including active cooling consumption)

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    Typical Flooded Lead Acid overcharge expressed as a percentage on the only SOC meter in production that displays >100% Charge (what an invaluable feature)


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    1.2kVA 1kWh LiFePO4 system round trip


    Charge returned

    of 100Ah removed No photo but this is the battery meter it was read from


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    That's the state of the Art >€6k 4kVA 3kWh mostly solid state system I was refering to earlier (in other thread)
    System data info not battery. I can rerun the test.

    I have a sister lead version for this that cost me ~€1k; 3.5kVA 10kWh that I'll be running cycle tests on soon so I will post the results when they are in.

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    garo wrote: »
    LiFePO4 losses are less than half that. So your 1>2% number is way off.

    As with most rebuttals I could simply ask; Have you any evidence to support that?

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    Here's a 1.3kvA 1.1Kwh Lead acid set. Sister to the little LiFePO4 I have.

    You'll notice a higher round trip efficiency I expect.


    Energy Out


    Energy In (test ended at 95% SOC)