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Treadmill suggestions

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    I want to get my dad a treadmill for Christmas last year - he joined the gym last year and hasn't been able to go for most of 2020 with lockdowns. My mum was sick for most of the last year which has really shook him as well and he deserves something nice, just for him. He'll be 60 in April and he really made a huge effort to lose weight, get fit and improve his health just before my mum fell ill.

    He has plenty of space in his garage for something so space is not an issue. I have of course googled but there is such a vast spectrum of treadmills available ranging from a couple of hundred quid to much more.

    Can anybody recommend a good quality treadmill please, ideally less than €500 but can stretch a little more if needed. I haven't a clue but I want to get him something nice so I would really really appreciate any pointers. TIA!


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    Such a lovely gift idea, very thoughtful.

    I bought a treadmill from Elverys years ago and I would recommend them. When I bought it, it was 50% off.

    They are good products, and they deliver and install for you for €25.

    However, home gym equipment is in BIG demand this year, prices are through the roof, the one I would have gotten the modern day version is €799.

    Even on adverts.ie people are charging MASSIVE money for home gym equipment.

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