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    Evening all. I've been writing and home-recording music for the last number of years. Originally at home in Kilkenny/Dublin but since 2013 in London.

    More recently I decided to get a collection of songs together and record them more professionally. Last year I self-released a four-track EP, produced by Franc Cinelli, a troubadour-style guitar-slinger.
    My own material is more pop-oriented with keys/piano to the fore as much as guitars. Influences range from the P's - Pet Shop Boys, Pixies, Portishead, Presley, The Pretenders, Pulp to some W's - Tom Waits, Scott Walker, Weezer, Whipping Boy. Some other letters/people too. Bowie, Kate Bush, Dexys... more modern stuff would include Alex Cameron, Ariel Pink, Baxter Dury, MGMT....basically, artists who possess pop-smarts with something to say along with a bit of in-built oddness and eccentricity.

    I feel that I'm getting closer towards the sound I want to harness on a full album. Last week I released a single, again independently, on streaming sites. It's called Nostalgia. I'm halfway towards recording an album which hopefully will come out late summer/autumn next year. It is being produced by Euan Hinshelwood who has produced one of my favourite artists of recent years, Wesley Gonzalez. Euan is also a member of Cate Le Bon's band.

    The more interest that comes my way, the more fun it will be to get the record out sounding and looking as good as it can be.
    I would really appreciate an ear or two (no judgement being passed if you possess more than that). Next single will likely come out early in the new year.

    Many thanks for reading/listening!

    Youtube: https://tinyurl.com/y49l22nb
    Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/yy3lp5rm
    Instagram: @mulveye_music


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