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How to make those huge puffy onion rings you get from the Chinese...

  • 30-10-2020 12:21am
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    Does anyone know how to make those puffy big onion rings you get from the Chinese? (I feel like they used to be more available but now you're more likely to get the crappy little green isle ones...)


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    Slice Spanish onions into rings, make a tempura batter or beer batter, dip onion into batter, place in hot oil/fryer.

    Done !

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    There are UK youtube channels showing takeaway techniques.

    My local definitely has MSG in the mix, but I think its also that the oil is flavoured. One youtube guy swears by green dragon flour for chicken balls, it is meant to puff up and not hold as much oil. I doubt my local takeaway uses that though. It can be got in asian supermarkets.

    Here are 2 videos, beside the MSG I see nothing special, but the onion rings from a Chinese are very different from ones in an Italian chipper so I am now sure why (I am not talking about the onion slab/slices in chippers, some do rings but they are different from a Chinese place)

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    Yeah, I can manage teh Chipper style ones, moderatly thick batter, quick fry, and a follow up final fry. S&V and wrap in paper if you want the real effect.

    The puffy chinese ones are almost spongy in the batter, differently good.

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    I edited my post there, I said "greed dragon!" it's green dragon flour. He said it also has an "asian flavour"

    I just found another guy testing the flour and found no difference with lidls

    The takeaway owner did. BUT he also sells the flour so would have a vested interest. However Musgraves have a section aisle just for Chinese takeaways and it is well stocked with Green dragon flour, so it definitely must be selling.

    he drags out his videos quite a bit, I just skip on. Or watch at 1.5 or 1.75 speed.

    Also on a facebook page lots swear by the green dragon flour.

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    So I had a go with the first "recipe" this evening.

    Largish regular onion.
    ~75g Odlums SR
    1/2 tsp MSG
    enough water to make a thick paste.

    Fried in oil used to make falafels previously .~170-180ºC
    Fairly successful but missing a little je ne sais quois

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    rubadub wrote: »

    , but I think its also that the oil is flavoured. ]

    Probably just from frying spring rolls and tasty bits in it.

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    I put baking soda and sparkling water in mine, but everyone likes them a certain texture.

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