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What sort of psychologist is most appropriate?

  • 28-10-2020 11:17pm
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    My health insurer (Laya) only covers me for counsellors who are registered with the Psychological Society of Ireland. I had come across another counsellor but she was not registered with the PSI, and Laya are paying 50% of the bill so it adds up to a lot.

    As I’m looking through that PSI list, however, I’m trying to separate the wheat from the chaff: what is the best psychologist type for my needs? Under ‘Discipline’ in the PSI website above they have no fewer than 8 types of psychologist - clinical, health, forensic, psychotherapy, etc. How do I know which one to choose? There seems to be so little in terms of online recommendations or advice, re counselling in Ireland and for obvious privacy reasons people aren’t keen to make recommendations.

    I need to get insight and perspective from somebody who has serious learning under their belt rather than some well-meaning, but lazy, hippy who has a weekend counselling certificate from some obscure website (I hope that wasn’t too blunt but it seems any lazy chancer can legally call themselves a “counsellor”). Anyway, more long term, I had a difficult childhood that I’ve never discussed in depth with anybody and I think I need to purge it for once and for all. More immediately, I have two issues which I need to sort out: my obesity, which I’ve never been able to conquer, and my marriage, which needs to be discussed (my wife would like to get help for my anger and impatience). The obesity can definitely be traced to emotional eating from my childhood so I need to disentangle that thinking and retrain my mind. I’ve never sorted it out - ever - and it really bothers me that despite all my other life changes, I can’t conquer my stupidthink on food.

    So, in essence, I need an insightful, learned professional who would have the expertise to help me on the three areas of childhood trauma/obesity/marital issues in a structured, targeted, goal-orientated way. What sort of psychologist in the above ‘disciplines’ should I be seeking (I’m in south-east Dublin, if that makes a difference). Thanks so much.


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    Mod Note

    Anamcheasta thank you for you post. There is a thread in the Psychology Forum which gives some insight into how to find a psychologist/counsellor. It might be helpful to take a look at that.

    Unfortunately posters here cannot give recommendations but I hope the link above is of some assistance to you, failing that your GP maybe able to make a recommendation for you.

    All the best and fair play for reaching out.


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