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Increase in conspiracy-type posting across the board

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    I wonder has any thought been given to the massive increase I see in conspiracy-type posting across the site.

    Facebook & Twitter have seen a huge increase in this type of thing. 5G, "Big Pharma", Covid Hoax, vaccination conspiracies, Pizzagate etc. So much rubbish spilling out everywhere without anything to back it up other than a You Tube link. This stuff is ok in small doses, but when it snowballs it can become dangerous.

    It has started to spill over into Boards. I see these posts in so many threads now. Sometimes by regular posters but a lot of the time it's by a "new" account. There's been an increase in threads started in this vein too.

    Here's an example of one. He can't access a TV show on his Irish Amazon Prime account. So what does this mean? It's been "banned", it's available worldwide but for one country (Ireland), the poster starts going on about vaccine conspiracies....... this is in the television forum.

    That's just one example.

    Is it coincidence that a lot of them happen to be new accounts? Has any thought gone into the possibility that there might be an organised effort to push these conversations and ideas into general conversations in order to plant these seeds?

    To be honest, i'm finding it tiresome. Surely the conspiracy stuff should be confined to the Conspiracy Theory forum?


  • Your complaint is far too vague. What is a conspiracy theory? MKUltra? That turned out to be true. The CIA did in fact experiment on hundreds of Americans with drugs such as LSD, hypnosis, electronics and verbal/sexual torture to identify which methods would be most effective in eliciting confessions and/or intelligence from detainees during interrogations. America carrying out false flag operations as a pretext to war? Turned out to be true. Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag operation against the Cuban government in the 1960s, as confirmed by the release of confidential docs in 1997. This cast doubt on the Sept 11 attacks. The government is spying on me and listening to my private phone calls. Again, true. Edward Snowden blew the lid on the NSA's habitual eavesdropping on regular Americans with no connection to national security or terrorism whatsoever.

    Asking questions and having an inquisitive, curious mind does not require a banning. I'm sure our political overlords and their sycophants would love if the great unwashed would stop asking inconvenient questions and just drank the kool-aid. The openness and decentralised aspect of the internet is terribly unfortunate for them.

  • While conspiracy theories can undoubtedly prove true on occasion, I think what the OP is referring to is the fairly recent spate of low effort shilling being done mostly by posters with brand new accounts on this site.

    There are a few ways this can be dealt with. With the first example, the ridiculous claim that some show had been banned in Ireland was discredited and ridiculed. If the poster refuses to engage in discussion and instead just shills whatever silly nonsense they're peddling then they should be reported for soapboxing so the mods can have a look. It's quite obvious when someone is here to discuss and when they're here to spout extremist nonsense. If they get abusive as often happens, definitely report them.

  • To be honest, a lot of those wouldn't even be classed as conspiracies as they don't express any objectives nor lay out how they are to be affective. Its just playing on people's fears with scare mongering.

  • Scaremongering is grand then I take it?! Mods have a habit of alighting on the wrong end of these threads, admonishing those who are a bit salty in thier response rather than just banning and deleting the entire 'conversation' which is actually the logical course of action for this stuff outside the CT forum.

  • OP if you don't like it don't read it, you're smart enough to know what's bull**** and what's not.
    Who should moderate this ?

    You sound very authoritarian.

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  • OP if you don't like it don't read it

    Thanks for your fresh take.

    I'll keep your advice in mind when I see you've posted in future.


  • You sound very authoritarian.

    Conspiracy theory!

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