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Nissan Leaf cabin/pollen filter replacement guide.

  • 24-10-2020 3:20pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,573 ✭✭✭ Stealthirl

    Done my cabin filter today and thought it would be helpful to share the steps i do as it is often overlooked and easy to do. It took me all of 15-20min including taking pictures.

    1) Remove contents of the glovebox and keep passenger footwell and seat clear.

    2) Pull lower panel under the glovebox straight down, it is only held in place by clips.

    3) Remove the 4 screws under the glovebox door and the 4 at the top.

    4) With the 8 screws removed you can pull the glovebox straight out, it is still held in place by clips so may take some effort.

    5) If you unplug the white clip for the glovebox light yo can sit the it in the footwell.

    6) Locate the white filter door and unclip from the bottom.

    7) Most filters have a small tab to grab and help with removal as it has to squish down to fit out of the hole.

    8) Compare with the new filter to check they are both the same size, and then fit the new filter remembering to squish it down carefully to fit back in.

    9) Make sure the filter door is on tightly by switching on the fan full blast and feeling around it for air leaks

    10) Refit is the reverse of removal