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Lidl recycling bins

  • 24-10-2020 7:05am
    Registered Users Posts: 147 ✭✭ dubbrin

    It seems my local lidl has stopped the use of these bins after the tills. They're a great way to remove all the plastic packaging while sending a message at the same time. I've made my concerns known to them directly before about the levels of packaging. There seems to be a glacial change happening alright.

    Any other stores after doing this?

    Any one else as pedantic as me when it comes to removing the unnecessary packaging? I know there's are other ways to avoid it too but this is just one of many steps


  • Registered Users Posts: 32 michael345

    It's very good idea knowing that majority of people shop in those supermarkets! They should be responsible as they are selling those products. Instead people are paying thrice - for the product, packaging and disposal. I leave near Greystones and asked Greystones authorities if there's any plans for a recycling center in Greystones, and was told there is not, plus was advise that the nearest one is only 15 drive away - in Bray - wow what a f..n genius idea! Use the private sector amenities by just paying them.