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Towaway for EV Charging spots

  • 22-10-2020 10:41am
    Registered Users Posts: 1,387 ✭✭✭ redcup342

    Drove to a charger last night (here in Dusseldorf), based on availability the APP 2/2 Charging spots were available.

    Got there however and ...


    That's between 250 - 350 euros in Costs.

    They are treating the EV Charging spots here now like Disabled spaces, no negotiation if you come back and they've already written the ticket and called the towing company you have to pay the towing company anyway (even if they don't tow your car)

    Seems to be working anyway, Charger availability is no issue in the past number of months.

    They should do the same everywhere IMO,


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    It's been covered here before, it is illegal to occupy an EV space unless charging. Not sure about being hooked up and not charging....
    Laws just need to be enforced is all