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Measuring electrical consumption

  • 20-10-2020 3:42pm
    Registered Users Posts: 616 ✭✭✭ BrendanD

    Am looking for a recommendation so I can track my electrical consumption hourly if possible , would also like to be able to download the data in excel if possible. thank you


  • Registered Users Posts: 312 ✭✭ idc

    I've used both Efergy E2 Classic and Eco-Eye PV Solar monitor (eco-eye also has a non PV version).

    Both are small monitors providing current usage and a degree of historical daily stats on a small portable screen.

    Efergy can be connected to computer via usb cable to download data into there own software and from there exported in different formats, can also fill in different suppliers so you can what you would pay if you had been with a different one.

    The Eco eye can be used in real time mode but must be connected permanently to PC and its software to do that. other option is a special memory card can also be bought which allows you to download data (again to their own software). from there you can export as csv file (which excel can read)

    Don't use the Efergy anymore now i have Solar PV installed. Use the Eco-eye but it would be make more sense on PV installs with no battery. with a battery you've no real way of knowing if power is being used from battery or solar.

    The efergy didn't always work on really low usage say less than 100W. but in general my baseload was always higher than that it wasn't an issue.

  • Registered Users Posts: 616 ✭✭✭ BrendanD

    Thanks for the detailed reply.
    Just had a look and I think that Efergy E2 Classic is probably the better option of the two.
    Showing as unavailable on a few sites I’ll continue to look tonight when I get home.