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  • 19-10-2020 12:15pm
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    Hi Folks,

    I appreciate this is a vague enough post to make, but I have no real insight into this kinda thing at all. Not an area I would be educated on.

    I received this letter from a crowd called Green Electric earlier on today, offering (what I presume are) Solar Panels. I wouldn't mind giving them a ring and going through it with them to see if it's worth my while installing such a thing, but at the same time, I never trust a company or sales team that contact me before I contact them.

    This is the letter:

    (In saying that, my brother got a full external insulation and rendering job done on his house for free about 7-8 years ago, when a company sent similar letters out, as his house was to be the 'demo' house in the area, so I wouldn't immediately dismiss this kinda thing either).

    Our house has a gas combi-boiler. This deals with all the hot water, I presume solar panels wouldn't benefit this at all (I'm guessing they just are useful for immersions?). Our electricity bill works out about €130 every two months, so not an enormous amount (3 bed semi D, but everything is LED, and all appliances, TVs etc were bought when the house was being renovated about 3 years back, so all decent enough energy ratings).

    Would something like this be worth considering? I obviously don't have an actual cost to install anything yet, but, although I'm obviously interested, I don't know if I'm really the target market here..?

    Apologies again for a bit of a rambling post.



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    The letter refers to Solar PV and discusses readiness for a feed in tariff for electricity you might overproduce and export to the grid but there is no certainty when or if this will happen, personally I don't like that to be included, a red flag for me if you like.

    I installed solar pv panels that produce electricity and have a battery for storage and this will feed back into the home usage after dark subject to enough light, proper light as its pretty useless during Dec/Jan period.

    There are Cowboys galore selling and installing, I've met them, easily spotted to be fair just do extensive research and there are multiple Threads on that will assist you.

    My system is a 4.5 kw, 6.2 kw battery storage and I have a diverter to heat the water, I think you might be thinking of Solar Thermal so don't mix them up, very different technology.

    expect a ten year payback maybe longer for this size/set up assuming no issues with any of the equipment but that may not be your motivation, for me Im delighted, I get a return annually that far exceeds bank interest.

    Well worth investigating but if you are thinking of moving house in the next 5or 7 years then dont bother as it will not provide a return for your capital.

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    A quick Google shows their grant information is, wrong so not confidence inspiring to get a basic thing wrong when they are supposed to be the experts

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    A quick Google shows their grant information is, wrong so not confidence inspiring to get a basic thing wrong when they are supposed to be the experts

    €3k grant is correct.

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    Gumbo wrote: »
    €3k grant is correct.

    700 per kW is not

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