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Nappy change

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    Hi there

    Our 18month son has become extremely difficult to change. He wont lie still and often runs away when he needs a nappy change. It's a real battle at the moment
    Any tips?


  • We’ve had this on and off for a good year or more with my now 2yr 9 mth old. It’s an f*ing pain! Things that have helped here are pull ups so he doesn’t lie down for wet nappies and “helps” with the changes by standing into the pull ups and pulling up the pants. Bringing a toy to the place where you do the nappy change. Giving warning of the nappy change (we’ll change your nappy in 5 mins) if he’s playing.

    We still have a big problem with dirty nappies though. He’s still super resistant to changing them so I’m interesting in the other replies as well.

  • Having same issue with our 10 month old. He kicks around and screams. Really challenging trying to change a dirty nappy in particular.

    Giving him something unusual to play with (like a plastic bottle, toothbrush etc.) can help a little as it takes his attention due to curiosity but it's hit and miss

  • Only way I could Change my 2 at that age was to lie them across my lap.. if they were lying down on a table etc it went wild. While on my Lap I had more control n it felt less dangerous. Just have a large towel and all the stuff needed beside you. I could keep their attention by talking or singing.

  • Up on a changing table worked sometimes for for us.But we had these battles with all 3, it does pass.It is just the age for it.I just insisted they lie down and as still as I could manage, they learn quickly enough what to expect.Tell him what you are going to do, but at his age I wouldn't be standing there waiting for him to come to you (that is the ideal!!), I would go get him and pop him up on something.The lap seems to work for some, but I admit it wasn't much good for me here, I am not tall!Pull ups are ok -downside being you have to remove all bottom-half clothing to get a fresh one on, which I found created another battle, trying to re-dress them.

    Somehow my minder has trained my little guy (almost 2.5) to climb up on the table or lie down on the floor with a pillow under his head when she wants to change him, but I suspect she is a child-whisperer!!