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YourStop New Bus App Volunteer Testers Wanted

  • 15-10-2020 9:24pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2,419 ✭✭✭ harringtonp has been around for a few years and processes RTD in the new TFI format. It has been working with Irish schedules for a while but I've been able to plug it in to the new GTFS Predictions (TripUpdates in GTFS terminology) feed made publicly available by TFI.

    It doesn't show bus positions but if TFI make this publicly available at a later date, I can plug it in. Likewise if they make Alerts available, this can also be configured.

    I've been doing some testing the past few days and am fairly happy that what it displays is representative of the real time data it consumes.

    I don't live in Dublin or use buses and am curious to know how accurate the predictions are. I'd appreciate it if bus users try it out while waiting for buses and either report back to this thread or send me a PM. Some things to consider:

    - Do buses generally arrive at stops in line with their ETAs

    - Have buses which don't arrive been flagged as cancelled trips or skipped stops

    - Do added buses (extra trips) flagged in the app arrive

    - Do buses flagged as cancelled ever unexpectedly arrive

    I call it an app but even though it is available as an app, the app is really just a wrapper for the website. The website displays exactly the same and IMO it is easier to "Add it to Home Screen" rather than download the app (but you can do either)

    Constructive specific criticisms regarding layout are always welcome too, I've been able to implement several previous suggestions.