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Clive Barker's Books of Blood

  • 07-10-2020 7:24pm
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    Released today on HULU.

    Sitting down to watch this now.
    Based on Clive Barker’s acclaimed and influential horror anthology book series, Books of Blood follows a journey into uncharted territory through three tales tangled in space and time.

    Directed by Brannon Braga.


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    An enjoyable film for this time of year that you can see was originally planned to be a mini series linking the stories.

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    I read a couple of these and thought they were amazing. The Midnight Meat Train wasn't that good as a full length film sadly. The Body Politic, Jacqueline Ess and In the Hills, In the Cities were crazy stories and I always thought in the right hands they would have made terrific films. Sadly Midnight Meat Train wasn't done justice.

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    There was a couple of movies made based on Books of Blood, I think most were decent enough. Midnight Meat Train I thought was fairly good, Dread was another good one. I did watch Book of Blood but genuinely can't remember what I thought of it.

    Will definitely give this a look as well.

    Wasn't it Books of Blood that had the story of the guy framed for child porn? That one always stood out to me, just a horrifically engaging tale from start to finish.

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    Weird coincidence I only saw a VHS rip of his first adapted work (Underworld) on Youtube the other day. Jesus it was awful.

    I can get on board with anything Barker related, book or film, even if it is beyond bonkers. Looking at you "Weaveworld".

    I think the Hellbound Heart is in development hell, excuse the pun, but hopefully we get something great from it.