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Instant Pot (EPC) Vs 'BIR' Basic Curry Gravy ~ How Much?

  • 06-10-2020 1:05am
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    Phew! What a question!

    Okay. Please let me break it down, so even I can figure out what I'm asking! :o

    A. I have an 'Instant Pot' / Electric Pressure Cooker. I like making curries in it. But, I find Any water I add just ends up as Water. Thus; I use 1/4 mug of water, to mix the curry powder with, for better distribution? Washy, sloppy curry. And this is a curry that lasts me three days! (1/3 to 1/2 a pot?)

    B. I'm now looking at " British Indian Restaurant " Basic Curry Gravy recipes. Great! Chuck out the curry powder and water stuff. Just chuck in my usual curry material and lash This stuff in!

    Thicker, not swimming in water, curry. Tastier too, because of all that goes into the gravy :) I can't wait!

    C. Only question really remaining is; How much gravy might I need add? A curry swimming in 'Hot Water' isn't the best. One drenched in plenty of that lovely, thick, complimentary sauce is quite another thing.

    Brimming with other curry and EPC questions. Just looking to connect with a like mind or two, to explore and get some guide lines.

    Thanks :)


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    You're looking at making a "curry gravy" and then adding this at a later stage to meat or veg??

    Why not make a "proper" full curry in the InstantPot?

    Saute basics like onion, ginger/garlic etc, add curry powder/masala, add meat, tomatoes, liquids etc and then simply cook for 15mins or so.

    Still takes some practice getting the liquid amount right so it doesn't burn and go into alert mode. But you end up with a full pot of curry in 30mins.

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    Wandererz; I'm an absolute heathen. I have my excuse for a curry, three days a week. Every week. Two days a week, I have corned dog and chips. Mustard on the dog. Brown sauce on the chips. Other two days? Pair of pork loin chops with one of two coatings. My turtle has a more varied diet than I.

    Just thought what I call a curry isn't really anything like any other curry I've ever had. Started looking into it. Here I am.

    Chube is full of lads demonstrating how to make " BIR Curry Gravy Base ". They all do it in like five or six litre stock pots. Most end up with practically twice that much 'gravy', which can then be frozen for later, portioned, use. This sounds good to me!

    This way, I aim too make my usual, 'ten minute curry'. Chop and chuck. But, get that thicker, tastier sauce. And, slinging in a defrosted pot of gravy, in place of watered powder, is bound to be the world better. Taking only the same seconds to do.

    I don't cook for pleasure. I'm a state of the art corner cutter. This will do me. I'm just trying to figure out how many / what sized plastic boxes to grab off Amazon :)

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    On the instant pot if there is not enough water you get the "burn" message, which can seem scary but just means the base has gone over the temperature it thinks it should be at.

    i.e. it goes to 15psi and then backs down to 11psi


    I do chinese pork belly in mine and also found it too watery. So I put in very little water and the marinated pork belly and try and cook it. I then get the burn message, which really means it has just gone a bit past the 117C temp. I then leave it sit for a good while and it continues cooking and the moisture comes out of the meat. Then I do a second attempt of pressure cooking and it usually has enough liquid to work without getting the "burn" warning.

    There are probably more people making BIR curry in slow cookers who would have similar issues with excessive water, so it could be worth searching for those.

    I have also simply boiled up the dish with the lid off after to drive the moisture off, you might want to take the meat out.