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Belushi [Documentary from Showtime]

  • 04-10-2020 4:31pm
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    Have a lot of time for the Blues Brothers on account of having watched it numerous times as a youngster. Know little about John Belushi himself, though. We'll be hearing from a few familiar faces in this, the late Penny Marshall amongst others.

    Airs Nov 22nd.


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    Cocaine is a hell of a drug. What a waste of talent. I'd say the line between the characters he played and his real life began to blur. Never knew that Bill "Superfoot" Wallace was the one to find him.

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    Just watched this tonight a tragic look at what genius, addiction and fame can do.

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    In terms of his comic ability he was an American Jason Byrne. A lot of obnoxiousness, not much funny.

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    If Chevy hadn't left SNL, maybe belushi would still be alive.