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So my Microwave died today. That's ok it was crap anyway. So I need to get a new one.

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    So what's a good inbuilt Microwave and where is the best place to buy one. The current one was giving trouble for a while anyway so was going to go at some stage. I am surprised it even lasted this long 13+ years as it has no make name on it think it might be a B and Q special.
    So I am in the market for a new inbuilt Microwave ir maybe just a microwave a put a press where the in built one was if it works out cheaper. Budget about 200 Euros


  • Size matters in where you are putting it as i had to go for a smaller one due to size limitations and might only use it the odd time to heat up baked beans.Is it just a micro or other functions needed.
    Mother bought a Belling triplet many moons ago as could roast a joint in there but was massive