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Planning permission for ground-mounted solar

  • 30-09-2020 9:59pm
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    I've read here that planning permission for roof-mounted PV is required if the installation covers over 50% of the roof or an area > 12 square metres.

    That seems like quite a small I right in thinking a system under 12 sqm would be < 2kwh? I think 340w panels are about 2m x 1m so with 6 for a (340w x 6 = 2.04kwh) system you'd be over the 12 sqm limit.

    What about for ground-mounted systems? I may have space at the back of my property for up to 11kw ground-mounted. Would such a system require planning permission?

    Edit: Think I found the answer to my question but would be happy to be proven wrong because astoundingly it seems that the 12sqm limit applies to ground-mounted systems as well. WTF? Why would they limit systems without planning to such a small size? Did the ESB lobby to get these laws written in a way that would limit domestic PV generation? Why else would it make sense to limit panels placed on the curtilage to 50% of roof size or 12sqm, whichever is less?

    The installation or erection of a solar panel on, or within the curtilage of a
    , or any buildings within the curtilage of a house......

    The total aperture area of any such panel, taken together with any other such panel previously placed on or within the said curtilage, shall not exceed 12 square metres or 50% of the total roof area, whichever is the lesser.